hannah #2
squash and peaches #2
cantaloupe, watermelon and apricots
squash in black bowl
glass, coral & pear
spotted owl
shipping box
drapery study #2
eggplant and bananas #2
funnel & yellow persimmon
abstract sports figures
sitting bull
paris bohemian
alhambra from the mountain of the sun
united fruit boat
ben shahn march 3-28
screams of women in labor
have i made it perfectly clear, that i cannot
nursemaids: le bonnes de luxembourge
the doctor - portrait of my brother
cuatro figuras
la fonda (the inn)
here's looking at you kid
afternoon study / fremont lakes
guzinni by my window
still life with calder
night firing
autumn landscape
beowulf: beowulf
still water / fremont lakes
in the ozarks (homestead)
shrine quartet
true north study
john brown
gage county
october haiku (hefley creek, british columbia
autumn watch, fremont lakes
path of destruction
fragment elegy
azure crown
materia infinita
eyes of the red coral
urban order
morphic order
orb weaving
building code
wild remnant
indeterminate edge
transforming worlds
study - fremont lake
study - fremont
north shore
along the narrows
norman rockwell portrait
october skyline
trees along a river-estes park colorado
mine strike, pittsburgh pa (waiting on verso)
equilibrio ii
the unceasing rhetoric of self
trivium mmv
windy hillside: mahoney
pioneer park: late october
college view sunrise: october
two poets: bee nebraska
nine veils of memory
west 47th and 9th avenue
henry, you goin' anywhere for winter?
new year's eve at tavern on the green
grand slammey raises a glass to himself
a kiss beneath the disco ball
emma boudoir and her jack russell terrier
two-faced flower bearer, bessie claudel
blue: #11
tonight is growing
green: #6
camp wagon high country valley
cliffs above eagle creek
construction scene (excavation)
persephone's breast
workers! you've nothing to lose but your chan
freighter at dockside with tugboat
three cacti and mountain
poker game
locomotive beside logs
"well, sir," abe continued,...
fall passage
great plains at dusk
evening by ashland
fall 2006 #2