patio secrets
friends & confidants at lunch
three ladies at tea
william cecil
king louis xiv
face compare
eyes in the mist-1990
eyes in the mist collection-oil
dance & ballet
beloved jerusalem
yankee stadium
untitled nude
hope ii
streets of old rome
mardi gras
ballerina viewed from the back
troupe de mlle eglantine
aristide bruant -les chansonniers de montmart
"tournee du chat noir" (black cat)
lautrec; museum portfolio
aristide bruant dans son cabaret - lithograph
may belfort
may belfort
crouching woman with red hair
jane avril
robe du soir (evening dress)
grand orchestra
la roche (the hive)
bag one v
reflection on a girl
the telephone
silent advice
passionated care
sophisticated glance
eine kleine nachtmusik - mozart
sky of the opera-maeght gallerie
yellow background, galerie maeght
rooster over paris - chagal's 90th
madonna/self portrait
4 half-figures
swimming nude
triptych series
revolution i
abstract smile
oh, what a lie
metro-plex #
derriere le miroir no. 132
brushstroke still with apple, gallery poster
head with braids poster
exquisite cadaver
vegas cowgirl
untitled - the animal
corbusier chair and rug
untitled plate - "homage a' g.b."
george burns
lithographe iii
table with fruit
still life
cup 2 picasso
a quarrel is averted
the businessman
little big painting - brushstrokes
american flag poster
hidden room
water lillies with japanese bridge
monsieur henri
champs elysee
landscape with figures and rainbow
arcachon lighthouse
les feux de l'ete' (summer lights)
soupirs (sighs)
romeo and juliet
exodus: bezeleel & gold cherubim
exodus: moses and the burning bush
still life with pomegranates
yvette guilbert
bride and groom
wedding in jerusalem (holy city)
orca moon
bellagio hillside
villa portofino
scenic untitled oil on canvas
original oil on canvas-portrait
large oil on canvas
boats, original oil on canvas
black and blue eye
wild flowers
reflections on crash
drip oil original
(woman) exhibition image
women in case
squeeze the day-wednesday
super sneaky