s. 27th st.
dry irrigation ditch e. of emerald
grey land
hickman from panoma road
platte valley hills
receding powerlines
w. of the platte river
n.e. 226th st. w. of ashland
east mill rd. & n. 137th st.
70th & bluff rd.
n. of lincoln airport
beside the irrigation ditch
banaff national park, canada
two landscapes & three plant studies
the butterfly
high noon
wild roses
fallen pine
high rise / nebraska: i ('old baldy')
high rise / nebraska: ii (mitchell pass)
high rise / nebraska: iii ('lover's leap')
high rise / nebraska: iv (chimney rock)
high rise / nebraska: v (scotts bluff nationa
a way to go
under the bridge
frederick douglass, iv
front half study of mule
captain ahab
dad's lily
3:30 am
t. officinale
susan's table study
waterside by lincoln
the tryst
untitled (wedding scene)
the brightest part
saturdays and sundays
rain in the valley
october row revisited
socoro spring
nebraska spring lights ii
chimney rock
locke landscape
getty garden, los angeles
getty garden 2, los angeles
crab apple, spring
waterlily focus, getty garden, los angeles
hostas, boston, summer
dusty miller, sunken garden, lincoln, ne
mike's tulip
i think it was man ray
irises, lincoln, ne
frenchman river study
out of africa
the pulse
landscape with a river and hills
grant wood "wig" trunk with metal objects
white calf
storm over river
low cloud
bramble trees
goin home
in the ozarks (homestead)
crossing the platte river on i-80
island hay
lancaster vantages/two
de la serie barcelona #1
de la serie barcelona #2
de la serie barcelona #3
de la serie barcelona #4
branched oak i
branched oak ii
woods scene
book illustrations (westport, conn.)
view from the mountain no. 6
in the omnibus
city construction
potash road, utah
snow shoe in
the gore range
above the rainbow
native beasts
cottonwoods along the colorado
mountain lake
blue valley fox hunt
looking at the sunshine
new york mountain
untitled (mountain lake)
in deep...
april sunset
study for gore range
january thaw
september landscape
poetica de la memoria #1 (12 images)
poetica de la memoria #2 (12 images)
poetica de la memoria #3 (12 images)