“iris studies” #1
“summer landscape”
“iris studies” #2
“dogs hunting swan”
“yosemite falls”
“family gathering”
“st. george & the dragon”
“the princess found”
“english battle scene”
“the recital”
“overlooking the sea”
late 18th to early 19th c. blunderbuss marked
“four orchids”
“hummingbird study”
“the lord”
“lady with jewels”
“head study”
“farmers lunch break”
“ forsythia”
“ the under current”
“boat study” (3)
“in suspension”
“self portrait”
“omar bucari”
“contra themis i”
“themes from contra themis”
“lower manhattan”
“the web”
“to the points”
“flying birds”
“the meeting”
“serenading the crabs"
“through the halo risen cast”
“what a beautiful baby!”
“september painting” 1963
“fire breathing horse”
“queen city”
“blue point”
“improvisation #3”
“listening cub”
“chrome pony”
“the other woman”
“fish jumping”
“cubist still life”
“black angles”
"danses d'okesa"
36 miniature portraits
"the barn fire"
"11 graphite studies"
japanese ivory fisherman c. 1900.
fine pair of carved nautilus shells se asian
"georgia moonshiner"
"pinellas point, florida"
"portrait of a man"
"self portrait"
"head of a man"
"umbrellas at the capital building"
"white kitten"
"the pool"
"stormy landscape"
"street in virgin island"
"abraham lincoln"
"paysage eluvial"
"desert trail"
"portrait of mary g. tolman"
"winter in the country"
"the road to town"
"new mexico"
"still life"
"the underworld"
"franconia notch, new hampshire"
"artist palette with pipe & pouch"
"nantucket house"
"essex county"
art nouveau lamp
"avant garde"