"thompson farm, new jersey"
"evening woods"
"twilight pastures"
"summer stroll"
"river through the pines"
seated lion
"the lake isle of innisfree"
"boats by the shore"
"lady in front of a fan window"
"greenwich gardens"
"edge of the pool"
"best friends"
"group of pines, bloomfield, nj"
"creek in summer"
"the river bend"
"jersey hills"
"union drover with cattle"
"beef for the troops"
"early moonrise over st. ives bay
"tree in the wind"
"reclining figure"
"the gentleman"
oceanic spear points & arrows
tribal drum
tribal spear with wooden shaft
12" x 16" frame
12" x 12" frame
arts & crafts 18.5" x 24.5" period frame
"village street scene"
"trophy of the hunt"
"colebrook meadows"
"study of john burroughs house"
"summer clouds"
"berry picking"
"country road, autumn"
"boxer vs. niagra falls"
sgraffito side tables, max kuehne design
"tabletop still life"
"mill dam"
"jazz club"
"poker chip construction"
"across the park" (central park)
"cityscape diptych"
"eighteen ideas"
"other side of the tracks"
"a sheltered harbor"
"harbor scene"
"birches in winter"
doe and fawns
"skateboarder/sidewalk series"
"la victoire"
art noveau nude
"overhanging tree"
"recumbant african lion"
8" x 10" period frame
32" x 40" frame
16" x 20" period frame
28" x 48" frame
badura 5" x 7" period frame
newcomb-macklin 30" x 30" period frame
"winter morning"
"new hope for american art"
"anthony michael autorino: stayin' alive"
"blue chips"
"daniel garber: his life and work"
"alexander farnham: brought to light"
"daniel garber: romantic realist and catalogu
"the cities, the towns, the crowds: the paint
"an independent spirit: the art and life of r
"up the river: the pennsylvania impressionist
"edward w. redfield: just values and fine see
"edward redfield"
"edward willis redfield: an american impressi
"intimate vistas: the poetic landscapes of wi
"poetry in design: the art of harry leith-ros
"an american tradition: the pennsylvania impr
"frank f. english: images of a vanishing land
"schofield: international impressionist"
"mel stark, preserving landscape tradition"
"the art of peter sculthorpe: paintings spann
"anthony michael autorino: no bull!"
"anthony michael autorino: easy on the eyes"
"anthony michael autorino: !y not"
"anthony michael autorino: like fine wine"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 2003"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 2002"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 2001"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 1999"
"martha walter: impressionist jewels"