"frank f. english: images of a vanishing land
"schofield: international impressionist"
"mel stark, preserving landscape tradition"
"the art of peter sculthorpe: paintings spann
"anthony michael autorino: no bull!"
"anthony michael autorino: easy on the eyes"
"anthony michael autorino: !y not"
"anthony michael autorino: like fine wine"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 2003"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 2002"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 2001"
"the life works of joseph barrett, 1999"
"martha walter: impressionist jewels"
"little jewels"
"the carlsons"
"john f. carlson, n.a. 1874-1945"
"daniel garber: romantic realist"
"new hope modernists 1917-1950"
"charles f. ramsey: father of new hope modern
"louis bosa: a keen eye and a kind heart"
"form radiating life: the paintings of charle
"roy c. nuse: figures and landscapes"
"charles w. ward: painting for people"
"katherine steele renninger: a retrospective"
"a pennsylvania german precisionist: the art
"charles sheeler in doylestown: american mode
"folinsbee considered"
"walter emerson baum"
"george sotter: light and shadow"
"over seven decades: the art of gershon benja
"mercedes matter"
"the redfield letters"
"night walkers near lahaska"
“harmony in pink and green”
"garden in the wood"
"still life of apples"
“double imagery”
"banquet dinner"
32" x 40" frame
“nude in red”
"susanna im bade"
"history of josef"
"m. important et ami"
"morning bath"
“market day”
"mother and child"
"woman in white"
"old canal, eddyville"
“taking pause”
"sarah bernhardt"
“italian landscape”
"hot sun"
"palm beach courtyard"
"a solebury farm"
"across and beyond"
“glen cottage in summer”
"pioneer woman with rooster"
"feeding the furnace"
“street in florence”
"boothbay harbor"
"the sharp shooter"
"classic figure"
“self portrait”
natures wonder
maison paysanne
the warrior
abstrait bleu, vert, jaune
the secret passage
interior reflection
six faces
knight of justice
my god
the pink house
mermaid s waterfall
the ceremony
maison bleue
la douche
le pere de la patrie
dessalines a cheval
toussaint donne des ordres
les trois femmes d'egypte
palais national
shopping under water