poetica de la memoria #4 (12 images)
barcelona #1
barcelona #2
barcelona #3
barcelona #4
cordillera #1
cordillera #2
ciudad de zacatecas #1
ciudad de zacatecas #2
ciudad de zacatecas #3
ciudad de zacatecas #4
ciudad de zacatecas #5
ciudad de zacatecas #6
cordillera #3
miniature study on a dry leaf
el otro, el mismo (the self, and the other) n
trivium mmv
el otro, el mismo n vi
discursive precursor: one
discursive precursor: two
discursive precursor: three
discursive precursor: four
hail to the chiefs: opening fanfare
color quartet: mauve (i)
color quartet: brown (iv)
hail to the chiefs: full throttle
variazione de caravaggio: finale
vitus' dance
darwin agitated
flasherette (rushmore variation)
colorado postcard iii (prep. studies)
colorado postcard: blackhawk
colorado postcard: roaring fork
the portal
the big 'o'
mystic slab
ramblin' wreck
by the numbers: seven
by the numbers: eight
by the numbers: ten
honorary degree
battersea bridge study
the evening star and the white seabird, alask
katharine hepburn, new york city
river sunset
clown et enfant
yellow clouds
gage county, may
gage county, june
john brown
n. 136th st. s of salt creek
platte valley e. of ashland
heat haze
the maya wind god
the monkey in god's place is evil
untitled (cattle drive)
autumn's glow
composition on black
composition on white
platte river, low water (ap 2)
royal rising
greenland (spring)
11.06.2010 (salt valley)
11.07.2010 (e. a st)
japanese tree peony
areo #1
not so grey
roswell #2
haifa suburb
colorado tulips #2
backlit callas
colorado tulips #1
study for "doll"
wauneta, midnight
wedding chest
folk art bird
plantsman's wall
01.17.10 (kansas city to st louis)
01.25.10 (yankee hill)
01.26.10 (east adams st)
02.05.10 (west denton rd)
02.16.10 (north 134th st)
02.17.10 (greenwood)
02.25.10 (prairie home)
02.26.10 (waverly to greenwood)
04.22.10 (east crg)
04.26.10 (branched oak lake)
05.16.10 (eureka springs, ark)
05.24.10 (s. 25th st)
05.31.10 (e. waverly)
06.09.10 (s.w. 12th st)