dawn's early light
time to head home
try a smoke signal
chance meeting on the road to shangri-la
head'n down the dry wash
horned toad
halfway to abilene
early spring - sandhill cranes
journey home
peaceful hours
western foothills
goat games
rinconada lilac
comfort zone
in the fall
tender moment
up close
roadside mountains
stand by me
plains encounter
escaramuza la tejana
for better or for worse
the critic - collared lizard
yin and yang
stacking pinon
ranch hand dave
frame 20 x 30 simple gold
canyon land, monument valley
montana plein air artist
snow geese
monument valley
evening snack
chamisa in bloom ii
upper middle south fork platte river, co
dance of light
frame 24 x 36 1044-c walnut (copper color)
frame 24 x 36 670-194-nl (dark bronze)
chinese pot and roses
dramatic sky
the spring
september plums
late night delivery
christmas teddy
hey there
love letter
grandma's pearls
planted for the winter
the back slider
on a hillside in texas
wildflowers and rusty tin
sunny afternoon
las trampas, nm
rabbit brush in bloom
through the canyon
too far north from the guadalupe
bridle hanger i - wood (grazing bit)
the dowry robe
moo…ve on!!!
private dinner party
frame 36 x 48 1000-44 crackle
moon light
girl with fruit
reflected glory
in pastures green
the buffalo pony race
sunset in the hill country
sunset pasture, taos
willow city loop
rivers bend hill country
driving home
western valley
unbridled glory
full color evening
summer promise
hope realized
market day
silent ongoing
mother and child series
storage bins
the deer trail
crossing willow creek
vallecitos, nm
rancher's helper
contrabando spring
desert rain
where e'er you walk
sunbeam woman
ute delegate
hopi corn and water maidens