red vase ii
southwest, 2001
david gilhooly - the ants my friends are blow
david gilhooly - beetle bonsai ap 7/10
david gilhooly - vegetarian sam francis ap ii
vintage microscope
mesa, arizona
vintage telephone i
purple sunset
near the uphill
over the rise
valley field - mn
4:00, 5:00, 6:00
stapler 1/8/09
red delicious & open book ii
4 jacks
three of a pear
na pali cliffs, kauai, hawaii 2009
bowl of lemons - pcb
grapes & quince
shower on the hills
remigton standard #10
good times
tomato & garlic
pomegranate i
pomegranate ii
turnips with green dish
port #2 train
main port
terry pappas - point reyes rock, 2002
a day at the tower theatre
inner conflicts
red & white
green & white
causeway view ii
river bank
cherries ii
hebomoia leucippe
sacramento sunset
sierra evening ritual
chugging out of the south port
slowly down
bubble gum machine lc 29/100
lit, 2012
about face
river bends
the story teller