motherhood pendant
inward bound necklace
hugging the moon
hugging the moon
roots & wings
tree of life
tree of life
joy & sorrow
on the go
go with the flow
summer swirl
angel rising
mothers and daughters
violinist in white
spectral reflections
american saga
spirit of cold harbor
spirit of cow ford
family emergeing
spirits of culpeper
spirits of pope's creek no. 4
moonrise sunset
golden guardians
couple in periwinkle
war on fertile ground
unicorn ii
after the dance
dream cove
enchanted springs
holding ii
holding iii
lioness box
night staircase
passage i
stone henge
twilight, sanibel island
unicorn i
warrior queen
basquiat session
iwo jima
astro eyes
molten soul
woman carrying water
mali queen
kissing couple
swallow tail
teeter totter
sinuous 2
bringing people together
helping hands
treasure map
floating gardens
pink tower
time to take the wheel
the dual nature of love
she took a seat at the table
she is tossed by the waves but never sinks/re
nasty woman
be bold and mighty forces will come to your a
chocolate ganache devine
the white dog
meeting in the park
georgetown snow
grinchy heart
judith with the head of holofernes
propane tank bench # 12
because i am free woman, born of free woman
i sell the shadow to support the substance
we know their names (small)
freedom isn't free (small)
mad enough to kill: resistance on the plantat
we hold these truths (small)
i rise, i rise, ii rise (small)
back of the big house (small)
african landing day (large)
the progress of a colored woman
stepping lively in place
the negro speaks
america - land of the brave, home of the free
tec cap #16
reflections in a grid with capitol #1
capitol at night
where should we go next?
tree of life
together we stand
one world
not just a pretty face