barcelona #3 (vertical seascape)
small seascape #4 (venice)
small seascape #3 (venice)
ecos (china) #1, #2, #3, #4 (set of 4 photogr
mont blanc #2
cityscape #2 zacatecas, mexico
ecos (barcelona) #1, #2, #3, #4 (set of 4 pho
ecos (geneva) #1, #2, #3, #4 (set of 4 photog
ecos (firenze) #1, #2, #3, #4 (set of 4 photo
cityscape #3 zacatecas, mexico
seascape #2 venice, italy
the language of ravens
i remember
east of the sun
fertile ridge
big johns
prodigal son
design for america, no. 2
roadside stop
sunday break
marshall county, kansas
reiber barn
dog, red house
road to farm
clam digger
blue spruce
truck, barn, light poles
buildings and chickens
buildings in light
asparagus in bowl
bar scene
looking past, atlantic
golfer with shadow
lone boat
untitled (trees and hills)
corn maiden
wine, fish and bread
silver set with fruits
towards waverly and greenwood
summer afternoon
the drunk, no. 2
12.04.10 northeast lincoln
singing birches
where memory lingers
work and play
watering place
peace in the valley
pekin camels
a day to be remembered
untitled (owl)
coconut lorey
the missed leap
children's clinic
wall street, n.y.
lands end, san francisco, beach, lighthouse a
all that is beautiful
brigham farm
snow painting hall county
minotaure et femme derriere un rideau
eagle wharf
switch engines, erie yards, jersey city, ston
portrait of vollard, ii
marilyn fragmented (on the occasion of the 50
gericault's 'medusa' revisited
water, water everywhere
mona of the plains
ka-boom! (homage to american comics)
uncovered/covered: velasquez
in the air: athlete
three wolfgangs: three
three wolfgangs: two
paper project: twisted
paper project: crumpled
paper project: tied
paper project: torn
paper project: shredded
paper project: folded
landscape near a poets house
evening at two rivers
bedscapes: postscript
after leonardo's magnum: study
after leonardo's magnum (triptych)
pandora's box a
folded cloth #3
draped table
platte valley feb
pears on cloth