contemplations 4
contemplations 3
contemplations 2
contemplations 1
contort 4
blue fugue iii
gold plated earrings | diamond shape
gold plated earrings | oval shape
gold plated earrings | rectangular shape
gold plated earrings | circular shape
silver earrings | square shape with abstract
necklace | turquoise stones & silver detailin
fly with me home
sacrifice lost
untitled (self portrait)
bromley v
bromley xii
untitled (pitchers throw)
portrait of harmon kalinedienst
mini cru variation #1
cru #5
compound five #10
compound five #12
arbee #17
polyconic #15
medici #18
compound five #113
compound five #103
untitled (purple and orange composition)
root 2
old man towne bought a new scythe
circus #2 - the trapeze
december afternoon
ozark bridge
the stool pigeon
credo #1
credo #2
credo #3
church at night
forward pass
brief balance
cut brush fires west of omaha
untitled (white and orange lily's in blue vas
untitled (red poppies in vase)
untitled (purple flowers in turquoise vase)
untitled (flower arrangement in blue and whit
untitled (small purple flowers in clear blue
untitled (purple, orange, and blue flowers in
untitled (flowers in tall vase)
untitled (large purple flowers in small blue
untitled (cloud scene 2)
untitled (cloud scene 4)
untitled (cloud scene 6)
untitled (purple and cream flowers in clear v
untitled (flowers and stems in vase)
untitled (cloud scene 8)
untitled (cloud scene 9)
the lunch counter
night in new york
the boyfriends
jessie and jake
back from the fields
october landscape (small/ap/ed. of 25, framed
spring thaw
landscape, elkhorn river valley
compound five #6
however measured or far away
looking glass
recognition 1
recognition 3
recognition 4
branched oak road, lancaster county, nebraska
#6680-11-2012 church numbers, nevis
#p1010723-11-2012 spam, nevis
#p1020190-11-2012 nevesian village, nevis
#p1030094-11-2012 apartment windows, nevis
torn screen
la saƓne sous la prairie de chatillons
study for "history of new york: aboriginal da
study for "history of new york: pilgrims and
study for "history of new york: civil war"
fashions in the abstract: sixteen
argyle house
white clay
devil's puzzle
fall with me
composition in grays (homage to balcomb green
the great purple b
uncovered/covered: the inner room
fashions in the abstract: seven
fashions in the abstract: nine
fashions in the abstract: ten
fashions in the abstract: eleven
fashions in the abstract: twelve