purple clouds
sekka (snowflake)
night ship
scorpio 2018
"specs" and "tara", a pair, 1907
yard of chicks
hen and chicks
crouching fox
a setter on game, 1886
running elephant of senegal, circa 1890, (lar
hon. g. watson's neva, winner of the 1,000 gu
full cry, take your own line
horse and jockey
dark brown stallion, 1852
saddled horse and greyhound, circa 1865
a brace of setters
milkmaid and cow
auteuil and tremblay; a pair
apples and peaches
a virginia hunt, circa 1950
master and huntsman (lemaster et un bauton)
paysage animé, 1844
horse and jockey pulling up
whippets at play, "jiji and gisele"
portrait of a boy, 1955
portrait of red rum, 1974
pintails rising
un puyazo, 1912