pheasant, silvered
the gamekeeper
reclining great danes; a pair
saddled racehorse
languish and pantaloon
men camping
on birds, 1915
spaniel head study
king vultures and bearded vultures; a pair
the tired hunter, head turned
run river run (three trout)
the cabin covey
a false alarm, 1884
steeplechasing scenes; a set of four
grey mare and her foal in a stable yard, 1854
a donkey and a grey cart horse in a stable an
colonel, winner of the st. leger
a plough horse and figures in a stable, 1828
pride of the pack, obstinacy, locked by jove,
bay middleton, winner of the 1836 derby
foxhunting scenes; a set of four
the meet and a gray hunter jumping a fence
l'accolade: groupe chevaux arabes
coaching scenes of the seasons; a set of four
a foxhunter on a grey over a fence and a foxh
downstream (the grand river) 1923
duck shooting: a good shot, 1851