lord gill with the cheshire hounds, 1864
a punt boat among the decoys, c. 1960
portrait of a lady, 1921
setting out
tight finish, 1964
chanticleer, 1912
chien griffon et deux pigeons, 1858
reclining great danes; a pair
mouse and oyster
brace of pheasants
small bird, circa 1920
in the paddock
two racehorses and jockeys up, a pair
basset in a clearing, 1859
coupled hounds
steeplechase, 1930
macaw, chinese vase and fruit
charging bull "taureau chargeant" and standin
portrait of charles xii, a bay racehorse, in
"clio" monkey seated in an armchair
huntsman, 1874
gun dogs and game; a pair
coursing dog, 1818
pony and greyhound
fly fishing, little river, margaree, nova sco
going to the post, c. 1933
gun dogs and game in an extensive landscape
royalty, albany brown red stag, 1942