the race between mac and zachary taylor at hu
tartar horse; one of a pair
rearing horse, one of pair
getting supper, c. 1920
promenade et foret
springtime blossoms: after the storm, 1879
fighting cock
spanish saddle horses, 1923
american deer, autumn, 1865
false start, the oaks, 1845
gone away, 1838
shooting quail, 1899
quail shooting
racing pigeons (a pair)
game fishes of the united states, squeteague
timber racing framed (a pair)
the rochester horse show
three derrydale prints: first flight, full cr
a pair, the paddock & the finish
the fox and the hound, a pair of derrydale pr
the reuter children
d.& s. stag hounds
saddled horse, hound, and accoutrements, c. 1
french polo stencils (a pair)
the artist by a stationwagon on location in v
widgeon drake
portrait ftrjr
a match race between eagle and bobtail at new