the chase
a grey horse in a stall, a hound chasing a fo
jack with budd doble up and palo alto with ch
mr. john scott’s cyprian, winner of the 1836
shepherds with their flocks in a hilly landsc
hen quail and young, 1864
turkeys, circa 1920s; a pair
spätsommer in tennus
on a fresh line
a change of horses
coming out of the pack, flat race finish, 196
the traveled fox, 1871
a pair of turkeys, c. 1920
cowboy and cowgirl, a pair
snipe shooting, 1845
calling hounds
six tours (the monkey steeplechase)
les piroguiers (the canoers)
the saddler seven, 1941
setters on birds
empire carved mahogany day bed
piedmont foxhounds, remady has it!
portrait of the mastif "caesar"
portrait of charles xii, a bay racehorse, in
hunter with gun and hound, c. 1875
brace of setters
setter portrait
hound bitch and pups
goodnight, 1917