loose horse cheltenham, 1965
huntsman standing by his horse with his pack
livestock in landscape
deux amis (two friends), circa 1921
mountain valley
june fishing
a huntsman and a whip, a pair, 1874
gun dogs in the field
water spaniel confronting a heron
hunter in an extensive landscape
recumbent lion
karabaugh 3' 7" x 15' 6" 80 yrs old
coursing hound with hare
sow and three piglets
horse and jockey
huntsman calling for hounds and whip halloing
exmoor ponies, study no. 3
huntsman and hounds at the end, 1872
waiting for his mistress, 1860
pointers in the field and setters in the fiel
groom leading a horse under side-saddle tack
percheron stallion, rhum, and mare and foal,
huntsman and hounds
out of the valley of death
the right honorable earl of plymouth with his
billesdon coplow
a cocking main
hilloo! hillou! - coursing the hare