Mr. DAVID CORREA by Jorge Mendez Gallery, LLC



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David Correa was born in the heart of a large and poor family in the Tacubaya district in Mexico City. David was a reserved and solitary child and would often take refuge in his own world which was filled with magic and color. From an early age, he was a keen observer of his surroundings and that led him to develop the creativity that he now reflects in his art.

As self-taught artist, Correa participated in drawing workshops and served as an assistant in the private studios with masters such as Gilberto Aceves Navarro, Luis Nishizawa, Mariano Villalobos, and others. Often painting more than twelve hours a day, Correa attends to his craft with a discipline he learned early in his career. Correa believes "to advance in the art world endless time is required, as hard work is the key that makes the true masters, not recommendations nor elites fed by ego and mediocrity".

For this talented artist, “art is the key to the world and it should be accessible to everyone, not only for a specific sector”, he also says that “art should not be explained as an algebra equation, it simply must be felt, art should be enjoyable, so my pictorial language is easy to crack because its sole purpose is to please the audience by showing the simplest way an innocent macrocosm where everything is possible, it is also fun because somehow we are still children".

Correa has mastered the art of expressing himself through his paintings and the intense palette that exemplifies his work has absolutely become his trademark. To date, he has participated in over two hundred exhibitions around the world, including: Italy, Belize, Argentina, Spain, United States, Japan, and Turkey among others. David Correa stands among the talents of his era.