Mr. JORGE LLAMOS GONZALEZ by Jorge Mendez Gallery, LLC



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Jorge Llamos Gonzalez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1966 and graduated from Havana’s Instituto Superior de Diseno. A contemporary artist who has exhibited in galleries, museums and cultural centers for more than 25 years, Llamos currently lives and paints in Mexico City.

Llamos’ work is based on a strong imprint of synchronicity and connection of the infinite. The essence of his work lies in a process of selection and substitution of images. Llamos manipulates details of the human body to another scale, stipulating ambivalent scenes. He recreates and simplifies himself in these images – representing the human being and his relationship with nature.

For Llamos, the image is an excuse to give place to a cumulative game of experiences. He is interested in the dynamics of iconic graphic associations, memory, and context... “The idea.”

According to Llamos, tradition requires and chooses certain types of common meanings to build a truth – a truth that already exists or that had to exist – the past, present and future. And that truth constitutes a set of paradigmatic beliefs that make up a vision of the world, which in the end, establishes a cultural memory. That memory is imposed, and auto-imposed, and contains in itself the same possibility of being broken into a thousand pieces.

Llamos reflects on the nature of things pertaining to the human being itself. He uses fragments of reality which are at the same time fragments of fantasy, and that way he tries to get to another reality, where there is a reflection, as close as possible to any form of poetry. It is a trace in the simplest everyday things that gives him, at times, a better vision about the human condition than the man himself.