Mr. MIGUEL ANGEL MENDEZ by Jorge Mendez Gallery, LLC



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Born in Havana, Cuba in 1972, Mendez studied art at the Elemental School of Fine Arts "20 de Octubre". In 1991, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro in Havana. Currently he lives and paints in Mexico City.

Striving for originality, Mendez experiments with non-traditional techniques when painting to obtain new textures and effects. Always on a canvas base, Miguel paints with mixed media utilizing different pictorial materials like water with the acrylics and grease with the oil; sometimes he incorporates cured canvas to add greater volume and to visually accentuate the lines on his paintings, which provides a richer aesthetic. Relying heavily on drawings for the general theme of the painting, he incorporates bold forms and strong symbols to contribute to his interpretation of a theme.

Mendez' paintings are an equilibrium of balance and color with the use of figurative symbols to convey the central idea of his paintings. He envisions his paintings as sculptures, as tridimensional objects; he often uses the human anatomy as his dominant object because he thinks that we all are part of the mind, the human ideas, and its physical form is very strong and rich.