JUAN MANUEL ALONSO by Jorge Mendez Gallery, LLC



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Born in Cuba. Juan-Manuel grew up and spend a large portion of his life in New York City. Following graduations from C.C.N.Y. and the Fashion Institute of Technology he taught at FIT, Miami Dade, College of Fine Arts FIDM, and Design and Architecture.

Throughout his career Juan-Manuel has been associated with major design houses such as Tiffany & co, Nino Cerruti, Willi Wear and Willi Smith.

He plucks ideas like fields of wild flowers from North Africa to the thrift shops of the west coast. Juan Manuel arranges figures and objects the way he sees them in his imagination – beauty is what he sees, not value. The observer is grabbed by the hand and taken into a sublime figurative surrealistic and very colorful journey.

His extensive travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia had major influences on his artistic sensibilities. Finally, after driving across country from South Beach, Juan-Manuel had decided to settle in Palm Springs where he currently lives with Nynja, his exotic Xoloitzcuinlti, while he continues creating, mentoring students and volunteering for the desert aids project.

Juan Manuel has exhibited in galleries in Miami, New York, Colorado and California.