Mr. ODENIS VITORELI, JR. by Jorge Mendez Gallery, LLC



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Born in 1977 in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil. Vitoreli currently lives and paints in Glendale CA.

Vitoreli grew up in a creative household; his mom designed and sewed clothing for women, and also enjoyed making arts and crafts projects – always encouraging her kids to explore and develop their own artistic interests. This creative environment was the beginning of Vitoreli’s passion for the arts and fostered his desire to pursue a career that would allow him to express himself artistically.

Vitoreli studied Architecture at The University of Florida and received his Masters Degree in Architecture in 2010. At the same time he continued to pursue his love for oil painting, and truly began developing his identity as an artist.

His Brazilian heritage, embedded in his subconscious, influenced him later in life to inscribe his artistic identity, and to establish in his paintings this cultural influence.

The inspiration for his work comes from different sources, such as different cultures, the human figure, literature, architecture, films, and social issues. Vitoreli’s intention is to use the canvas as a tool to understand, critique, and reinterpret an idea. Therefore a thought that is provoked from something he read, or an image he saw, or a film becomes the catalyst for the making process. The development of the composition is often guided by the use of the golden ratio and numerical sequences. The ambition is to create a metaphysical moment, which like a dream, is frozen in time and has no beginning or end. The end result has illustrative and conceptual depth.

Vitoreli believes that a painting should be provocative and meaningful, and the aesthetic qualities are a bi-product of the thought process. During the past few years he has participated in various curated group exhibitions and solo exhibits in Florida.