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Elizabeth Jackson was born in Ohio, but has called California her home for 20 years. Exposed to art at an early age she was encouraged to pursue fine art by teachers who recognized her talent. In 1987, Elizabeth was selected by portfolio to attend The Cleveland Institute of Art. Their program involved two years of traditional training followed by an intensive three-year art major. She developed a proficiency in a variety of discilpines as well as a knowledge of art history. Consequently, the artist has an appreciation for traditional and contemporary art.
Elizabeth majored in painting, and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in 1992. The Gund Memorial Foundation, professors and Board members ackknowledged her amongst her graduating class. Furthermore, the Ohio Arts Council honored her with only six other college graduates for outstanding youth achievement. Her work hangs in their collection.
Far beyond her expectations, Elizabeth's paintings have become part of private collections in the United States, Japan, Germany, and Great Britain due to their endearing subject matter. Her paintings reflect the lighthearted and joyful moments of everyday life. "I have an affinity for flowers because they are audacious with their time in the sun. I try to express simple blessings, a freedom to appreciate life in the moment. The style is accessible and I want to encourage an open exchage. I desire to have a rapport with the viwer that is full of grace. I hope my paintings convey that lifelong loyal friend one finds in a crowd and a thankfulness to God."