Francisco Cienfuegos Rivera by Classic Art Gallery



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Francisco Cienfuegos was born in 1965 in Piura, in northern Peru. He was endowed with a natural artistic temperament deploying a prodigious ability to draw even before learning to read and write. Piura, renowned for its beautiful scenery and color was the inspiration for an ambitious young artist, shaping and molding his artistic sensibility. Nature was "really a school" for him, and he is largely self taught. At the age of twenty traveled to Lima to learn more about the arts.
His talent was soon discovered by the Peruvian professor Oscar Cruz who liked his style and encouraged him to pursue a career. In the coming years Cienfuegos painted numerous works and his reputation grew rapidly throughout art circles. During this crucial time his painting style developed and matured. His style is characterized by a "Hyper-realism." Having tremendous skill and precision in drawing, coupled with the intense emotional expression, learning from the great classical painters, Cienfuegos strives to "demonstrate their ability to capture on canvas the perfect image." His depictions of still life are so extraordinary that the viewer can almost feel the aroma and flavor of the fruit.
Cienfuegos is a perfectionist who is destined to be a great artist. His critically acclaimed work can be seen in numerous exhibitions including Sao Paulo, Lima, Florida, and Canada. His paintings are valuable acquisitions for many private collectors and art dealers.