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Gary Welton was born in Brainerd Minnesota. He has had major exhibitions of his paintings featuring dance and movement in commercial and university galleries and museums including the Judith Ewing Morlan Contemporary Art Gallery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, The Minneapolis Woman's Club, The Key West Gallery in Key West, Griffin Gallery in Minneapolis, Rajputana Palace in India, the MC Gallery in Minneapolis, Luther College in Decorah, University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, and the Beverly Art Center and Museum in Chicago to name a few. In addition, his work is in international, private and corporate collections including those at Dain Bosworth and Jamco International.

Mr. Welton is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. In 1994, his work was selected for inclusion in the "Art in Embassies Program" in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is being reviewed by major museums and his work and process - focusing on painting directly from life, using dancers in motion as his primary subjects - has been featured on KMSP Channel 9, "The Buzz", an arts and entertainment section of the evening news in the Twin Cities and Bhaskar Television in Jaipur, India. He is currently working on "Mythologies," a series of oil paintings on canvas featuring various psychologies and forces of nature evident in myths.

Mr. Welton attended the University of Minnesota and received a BFA in 1984. "When I think about my art and what a personal and intimate journey it has been and continues to be, I feel extreme gratitude towards the people who find merit in it. Artists take a risk putting themselves out there, and the fact that people throughout my career were able to receive, recognize and appreciate my art, is an extremely rewarding experience in itself."

Artists are in a constant search for a means of expression that captures the essence of human experience, that thing that we all share and call life. Finding the gesture, the moment and perspective from which people can see and appreciate the beauty of life is of extreme importance to me and has been my goal ever since I started making my art. In 1990 I was inspired by my model/dancer's movements. This resulted in a quick creation of a large painting on paper that was later transmitted onto canvas. Since then, I have always started work with a quick sketch just to capture the dancer/model's movements. This encourages a natural flow of energy in the work and the painting gains a greater resemblance of life. The more a model moves, the more abstract the painting becomes. The rapid flow of the model's body in motion encourages me to follow and try to resurrect the dance on the canvas. In the moment, I seek abandonment and yet a captivity. I'd like to think of myself as a conduit, a transmitter of the dancer model's energy to the viewer, the final receiver of the experience. This is how we all can share and feel connected. This is my way of finding what it means, this human experience. We, as humans, are all in different places at different times in our journeys. Every single one of us is strikingly unique; however we have something extremely similar that bonds us together - we are all in search of the ever-elusive notion of what it means to be human. I believe that this common thing is what we all try to discover through art in forms of dance, music, mythology and literature.

Bill Mack has collected Gary's works for many years and recently introduced Gary and his artwork at Art Expo New York 2010. This complimentary alliance resonates and compliments Bill Mack's collection of artwork and Erin Taylors experience in publishing. "Gary Welton is a longtime friend and I have tremendous respect for both Gary and his artworks. I move forward with assurance and confidence as we historically publish another artist for the first time." - Bill Mack

Erin Taylor Editions is proud to be the exclusive publisher of Gary Welton's artworks. He is a visual improvisationalist and artistic genious of contemporary style and figurative movement.