Mr. ALBERTO CASTRO LENERO by Jorge Mendez Gallery, LLC



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Alberto Castro Leñero was born in 1951 in Mexico City. From a very early age he discovered drawing, which he calls "a family obsession" for four of the five Castro Leñero brothers engaged in painting. His grandmother taught him to draw and paint, his father, an admirer of painting, took him to museums and taught him to appreciate art. Castro Leñero recalls the one time he visited the Museum of Modern Art and was impressed with the paintings of Orozco and Felguérez.

Castro Leñero's work always plays with a contrasted form by a background, which is visible even though it is a symmetrical relationship, and both play an important role. The form is just that, is not intended to be included. It sometimes becomes a lost symbol that loses its primary organic nature and speaks for itself. Alberto plays with organic forms, with roots, with knots that although are "real" forms become a very thin line of abstraction when converted into paint.

But it was not until adolescence when he was in front of a Bacon painting illustrating a book that he realized the possibility of expressive, creative, and critical reflection he was facing. Later, he choose to major in Communication and Graphic Arts at the San Carlos Academy and then continues down the road of visual arts at the National School of Fine Art (1974-1978). From 1978 to 1979 he studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. From 1982 to 1987 he thought Visual Experimentation at the National School of Fine Arts of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His curriculum extends student exchanges in Canada and the United States, exhibitions in France, USA, England, Germany, Italy and Mexico.

His family is a very important force in his artistic life; everyone is immersed in the art world and they all share what they experience.

The value of any artwork he appreciates is the way it impacts him, beyond rational judgment, the force that has an art object to touch it. Castro Leñero recognizes as a current influence the strength of the artworks of José Clemente Orozco – for him is very important to achieve the same energy that the master displayed.

For Castro Leñero his work focuses on the search of the form, of the essence, of the organic, in mastering different languages to create his own. The form is an element that unifies and at the same time restricts. The search concentrates on attaining an internal evocation, something very abstract and bring it down to a material form. Castro Leñero defines his work not as a conceptual work evidencing social issues, of critique, but as a search. Currently he is searching in his paintings for an intuitive form to generate a poetic rhythm.