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Born in 1975 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Currently lives and paints in his native city.

His history has been involved since childhood in an atmosphere of art and indigenous and mestizo beauty. At night he always heard his father’s voice narrating legends that filled the imagination of a child and became artistic creation of an adult.

He obtained a degree in graphic design. From the very first year of his college career he was inclined to painting as a means of primary expression. Later he participated in various workshops including drawing, textile design, ceramics and photography, among others.

His work has been exhibited in major galleries and museums; among the most important ones are Casa Lamm Gallery (Mexico city), Drexel Gallery (Nuevo León), the Museum Risco (Jalisco), the University Museum House of Dolls (Puebla), the Cultural Complex of the University of Puebla (Puebla), the Regional Museum of Guadalajara (Jalisco), the Museum of Oaxacan Painters (Oaxaca), Art Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Mexico city) and in the Senate (Mexico City).

His creations have been part of solo and group exhibitions outside of his native Mexico, such as the Exmo, Ateneo de Sevilla (2013), in Bismark Studios in San Antonio Texas (2011), the International Museum of Art and Science of Texas (2010), the Museum FORMA in San Salvador (2010), PICI Gallery in Seoul, Korea (2008), at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in San Diego California (2009) and Hangaram Museum in Seoul Korea (2007).

Some of his works are in the collections of the Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Autonomous University of Puebla, the International Museum of Art and Science of Texas, and the Technology University of the Mixteca in Oaxaca. Montes was chosen by the Mexican government to exhibit in Sought Korea, and he also exhibited in Spain. His paintings are in private collections in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Spain, France, England, Italy and the Arab States.