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Born in Havana, Cuba in 1972, Fundora studied art at the Elemental School of Fine Arts “20 de Octubre” and graduated in 1988. In 1993, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro in Havana. Since 1995, Fundora lives and paints in Mexico City.

In his most recent series of work, Manglares and Natura, Fundora explores aesthetic abstract expressionism. His subtle and figurative elements successfully harmonize with any environment, creating for the viewer a sense of satisfaction as they relate to Fundora’s work.

With the series Manglares, Fundora was able to strategically create his own style of a very particular beauty, which identified and placed him among the art elites. Fundora’s most recent work keeps him in the middle of a balance between commercial and conceptual art. This balance has provided respectful recognition by the most demanding art critics and much success with high-profile project work and individual collectors alike.

In addition to his fine art, Fundora was also a freelance illustrator for Playboy magazine’s Mexican edition. He has also accomplished numerous projects as a director of art for music video and publicity. He recently earned an award for the “best movie poster” for the short film Apocrifo at the most recent film festival in Havana, Cuba.

Fundora’s art has been presented in numerous exhibits in and outside of Mexico as a solo artist and as part of collective exhibits. His art has been nominated and won many awards bestowed for his paintings and drawings.