Dominick Labino by LH Selman, Ltd.



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One of the leading glass craftsmen in the United States, Dominick Labino, was also one of the most knowledgeable and innovative technicians in the field as well as a tireless and resourceful researcher into the mysterious and challenging properties of glass. Born in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, December 4, 1910, he was educated at the Allegheny Vocational High School and Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh, and at the Toledo Museum of Art, School of Design in Toledo, Ohio. His association with glass in industry covered a period of forty years and included the research and development of glass compositions, processes, and the machines for the forming of glass fibers, glass papers, and furnace design. He held sixty patents in the United States and hundreds in foreign countries. Three of his developments for glass fibers having to do with insulation against extremes in temperature were used in the Apollo and Gemini spacecraft. He wrote numerous articles for technical publications, and his book, Visual Art in Glass, was published in 1968. He investigated glass-making in ancient times; and used his research to prove the technique by which the Egyptians of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1500 B.C.) made hollow vessels on a sand core was published in the Journal of Glass Studies, Vol. VIII, 1966 (Corning Museum of Glass.)