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Montreal born artist Stephen Aubuchon turned to photography in 1991 as a second career and opened his first studio in 1993 in commercial advertising. In 1998 he undertook a personal project photographing Nazi concentration camps in Poland, which led him to abandon commercial work and turn to fine art.

Stephen's current interests are in minimalist landscapes and the study of the human form through movement; in addition to still photography, he is preparing his first dance film and site specific installations. His work has been shown in Europe and the United States. He currently lives and works in Canada.


2009 Morning Times, Raleigh NC "Recent Work"
2008 ADAM CAVE FINE ART, Raleigh, NC "Variations on Arrival"
2007 Through This Lens, Durham NC, "Icons and Angels"
2007 Cary Town Hall "New Landscapes"
2006 Third Place, Raleigh, "Improvisations"
2005 Third Place, Raleigh, "Recent Work"
2001 Artspace, Raleigh, "Visions of Fear"
2001 North Carolina State University, "Visions of Fear"
2000 Humble Pie. "The Old and The New"
1997 Third Place, Raleigh. "Legwork".
1995 West Side Gallery, Raleigh, "Fashion Work".
1993 Cup-a-Joe, Raleigh, "Graffiti Extracts". Abstract images.
1993 Cup-a-Joe, Raleigh, "Greetings from Cape Hatteras"
1992 Cup-a-Joe, Raleigh, "Abstract Images"


2006 Durham Art Guild, Durham, "Anywhere But Here"
2006 Durham Art Guild, Durham, "Portraits"
2005 Bickett Gallery, Raleigh, "Eleven Artists"
2005 Durham Art Guild, Durham, "Blue"
2003 Osterley Park, Londres, "Reconcilable Differences"
2003 Gallerie Bickett , Raleigh, "Dialogue"
2003 The Tire Shop, Raleigh, "Small"
2003 Musee d'Art Contemporain, Raleigh, "Artist Hanging"
2000 North Carolina Museum of Art "Interiors"
1999 Artspace, Raleigh, "2000 Interpretations of a Place"
1999 NCPA, Meredith College, Raleigh
1995 NCPA, Meredith College, Raleigh
1994 Wake Visual Arts Gallery, "Venus"


2002 Cardinal Gibbons high school.
2001 North Carolina State University.
2001 Artspace, Raleigh
2001 Durham public schools.
2001 Raleigh-Cary Jewish Federation.
2000 North Carolina Museum of Art.


2001 Photography Chair, Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh.
2000- 2002 UNC Graduating MFA Panel, Chapel Hill.