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Will Goodyear is a native North Carolina painter who has been a working as a freelance artist since 2002. Born and raised in Charlotte, Goodyear moved to Greenville, North Carolina in 1997 to pursue a BFA in painting/drawing at the East Carolina University School of Art and Design, which he received in 2002. After college, Will went back to Charlotte with his partner, Debra, and then to Raleigh in 2003 where the two had their beautiful daughter, Ainsley. The family is now living back in Greenville, where Will is finishing his MFA in painting/drawing at ECU.

Will has shown and sold work at galleries and commercial spaces throughout the South East including Glance Gallery (Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA), Lee Hansley Gallery, the Wellington B. Gray Gallery at ECU and, currently, at Adam Cave Fine Art in Raleigh. Corporate collectors of Goodyear's work include West Developers LLC, Capital Broadcasting, J. Davis Architecture, and Tin Fulton Walker and Owen Attorneys. Aside from showing and selling work, Will has donated several pieces to charitable organizations such as Works of Heart (Raleigh, NC).

In addition to being a visual artist, Will is also an accomplished musician who performs and teaches across the United States and has released several albums internationally. His percussion ensemble compositions have been performed by university, high school, and independent groups across the country. The relationship between music and visual art and the ability of one to inspire the other is something that has driven Will throughout his creative life.

"In my experience, the process of creating visual art is identical to that of composing and playing music. Although my subject matter is not directly reflective of this connection, the success of each painting is dependent upon my percussive skills and compositional experience."