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Eva Szorc was born in Warsaw, Poland. Ata very early age Eva knew that she want5ed to become a painter. Bowing to family demands, and a Communist Society that did not place much value on art, she pursued a more technical course in her life. She graduated with a Masetrs Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnical Institute of Gdansk in Northern Poland, along the Baltic Sea.

In the process of her studies, Eva secretly entered one of the finest Polish Art Academies. During that time she participatedin several group shows, gaining experience and conviction that her true destiny was to be an Artist. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Wysza Szkola Szluk Pieknych, Gdansk. After her studies she was very fortunate to have obtained a rare French work visa, and equally fortunate to be allowed to leave Poland. In Paris she spent five years working in Architecture, focusing on painting and enjoying the artistically enriched environment of France. Eva was married in Paris and immigrated with her husband to the U.S. She settled in N. California where she spent 30 years as an Architect and Project Manager for several notable firms in Silicon Valley.

Eva Szorc now devotes all her time to painting. She concentrates mostly on landscapes, beautiful vineyards, fields of poppies, still-lifes and portraits using brilliant colors and images that instill an uplifting revitalization theme. In her romantic style she combines realism and impressionism with a unique sense of personal intimacy leaving the viewer inspired. Throughout her 40 years in California her work has been brought into countless homes, businesses and exhibited all over the World.