Gregg Payne by Goldenstein Gallery



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Gregg Payne has created public art for over 25 years. He has been an advocate for developing public art programs in communities including Chicao, CA and Prescott, AZ. "Just as murals positivly impact the world around them, scultpures do this with an extra dimension." he notes, "They can be interactive, kinetic and even sonic." As the creator of the world's largest tuned wind-chimes, he makes each set individually and then tunes them to a very specific pentatonic scale. He checks each pipe with an electronic tuner weh they are all the same stabalized temperature and as a result they stay tuned and never need retuning. THe materials are the most durable, and highest quality available to produce the best sound quality with the least amount of maitenance. The pipes can be interchanged between sets to change musical scales. Unique and artistic wind sailes can be customed commissioned as desired.

Gregg’s most recent project includes designing the “Tower of Voices” chimes for the Flight 93 National Memorial Project in Pennsylvania.