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Jed was born in Indio, CA in 1977. He grew up in Palm Desert and as young artist won many art awards. He also played local high school baseball and was an exceptional pitcher.
Jed now lives in Southern Oregon with his wife Jennifer and their two beautiful children, Spencer and Bella.
Jed paints mostly from his photographic memory and is inspired by the beautiful natural countryside, river and mountains everyday. He envisions the natural beauty and contrast of shadows and light and translates those visions to canvas. Encouraged by his mother, J. Lewis Bowker, as a child he remembers watching her, studying and learning, until he would fall asleep at her feet as she painted. Now his children sleep at his feet as he paints.
Jed appreciates the landscape both of the desert from his early years, and the complete contrasting landscape of Oregon where he resides now. In painting both, the common element which captivates the viewer, is his use of light and shadows in the painting which highlights each scene.