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Ana Juan Illustrator. She is one of the foremost figures in the current artistic scene. She won the National Illustration Award in 2010." Born in Valencia in 1961, she holds a degree in Fine Art from the Politécnica University of Valencia. She produced her early work in early 80s Madrid, at the height of the movida madrileña countercultural movement, collaborating with emblematic magazines in the era such as La Luna and Madriz (with the renowned illustrator Felipe Hernández Cava). She published the only graphic stories she has produced to date in these magazines. Afterwards, she collaborated with prestigious publications and magazines such as The New Yorker (designed over 16 covers), El País and Los Angeles Times. In turn, she has experimented in the world of illustration for children’s books, without abandoning her unique ‘fantasy and naive’ style. She is also a painter, sculptor and writer.