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The Pizz The Pizz is an artistic deviant byproduct of the baby boom era of the late 50?s. A high school dropout, The Pizz honed his lowbrow art skills under the tutelage of Ed ?Big Daddy? Roth, circa early 80?s, and since has become a leader in the movement. The Pizz has designed products ranging from collector of vinly toys to ceramic tiki drink ware. His vehicle designs have been featured on several episodes of Discovery Channel?s Monster Garage, and past commercial clients include Warner Bros, Sony, Peugeot Europe, BBC, and Elan. As a fine art painter, The Pizz has fans around the globe. He?s had numerous solo and group shows at galleries and museums from Los Angeles to Paris. The Pizz work hangs in the collections of Jesse James, Pink, Long Gone John, George DiCaprio, Anthony Kiedis, Penelope Spheeris, Sophia Copploa, Doug Fieger, and Carey Harl.- Holden Westland 2009