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Each time you view a painting, it should stir something within you, perhaps memories of the past you have experienced in your lifetime. It should not merely be seen but rather fully 'experienced', and as you sense the impact and dimension of the work, you are intrigued and drawn into it. You add memories of your own personal experience, and fill in the details by your own interpretation. Each time you view the painting, you experience the moment anew. The painting represents the artist's interpretation of a time and place, a snapshot of a fleeting moment, but always leaving a place open to the viewer to discover and interpret for himself what he sees.

Fraser Hine uses, as his inspiration, familiar scenes of real life and nature in his home area, Calgary Alberta, where he now resides. The mountains to the west along with growing up in small towns in Saskatchewan have provided the background for many of Fraser's paintings, which feature familiar scenes of back alleys and streets. Every kid growing up on the prairies would quickly recognize these scenes; many in adult life can now relate to them. Fraser's hope is that, as others view his work, passion is aroused with a sense of awareness and familiarity. Ultimately a sharing of the emotions that went into producing each painting are revealed. As the viewer experiences this, the painter's job is fulfilled.