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Holly McWilliams completed formal art training at ACAD in Calgary, Alberta in the mid 90’s, and since 2000, has been a professional artist and independent fine art instructor. She has set out on her goal to inspire people to realize their own passion and expression of their creative beast through making art. 

For as long as Holly can remember, she has been drawn to expressing herself visually, recreating images of her world in her mind, translating them into something she can see with her heart and then transferring those perceptions into a visual medium. Starting with innocent doodling as a child, her work has matured into moody, captivating portraits of people, landscapes, Ravens and Crows and her magical, whimsical dreamscapes, primarily all painted in oil or mixed media. 

Like many contemporary artists, Holly is most interested in trying to create mood and atmosphere in her work no matter what the subject is. “It’s (mood and atmosphere) more important than anything else because it is everything else. It’s the whole that the viewer beholds. It’s what makes the painting have a voice and whisper sweet nothings into the viewers ears”. Holly is interested in not only capturing the moment but what it feels like to be in that moment, giving a definite immediacy and tangibility to her work.  She wants to provide a visual escape for her viewer where they can be swept up and transported, however briefly, to another place and time. Her artistic inspiration and influences are quite varied. She draws on historic inspiration from artists such as Edvard Mucha, John Singer Sargent and also the French impressionists. Her contemporary inspirational artists include Henry Yan’s beautiful figure drawings, Richard Schmidt paintings and application style and Pino’s romantic figure work.