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Born in 1957 in Monte Negro, former Yugoslavia.
He started to draw very early in his childhood, mainly cartoon characters. This affinity to dewing continued throughout the high school and led him to study architecture. Upon graduating he decided to dedicate his life to painting and becoming an artist. He studied under famous artist Mitrovic who directed him to a formal art training at the Art Academy. While at the academy he achieved several prominent awards, like 2nd place at the October Salon, upon which he decided to become a full time professional artist, in 1993. In 1996 he won 1st prize at the October Salon and in 2001 he became a member of the prominent Art Society of Serbia, ULUS, which is equivalent to Oil Painter of America.
He has participated in numerous international art exhibitions and juried competitions, and has achieved great success. His works are collected thoughout Europe, and now for the first time he is introduced to the US art market.
Classic Art Gallery is very proud to present to our collectors inspirational works by Zoran Krulj.