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John Mydock - Visionary Wood Lathe Artist 

As a Wood Lathe Artist living in Hawaii for over 20 years, I am continually inspired by the beauty of our natural world here on Big Island.   I have embarked on a fun, creative journey embellishing my wooden vessels with Pyrography.

“Pyrography”  -  The age-old technique of burning images on wood.  This process has taken me from burning a few simple designs to intricate images that metaphorically shape-shift into birds, fish, tribal designs and vines of interconnectedness of all life here in Hawaii.   

I am an active member of the Big Island Woodturners Club and the American Association of Woodturners.  Several of my wooden vessels are now showcased in the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Honolulu Academy Contemporary Collection.  Two have been a part of the U.S. State Department “Art in Embassies Program” and were on display in the residence of our Ambassador in Australia. 

My Artistic intent is to create a dialogue with wood that inspires Creativity, taking our craft to a higher level, so that the vessel becomes a true piece of Art.