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Peng Qi Male, Born in 1972, Oil Painting Beijing, China 1987, Started to learn oil painting 1996, Bachelor of Art in Art Education and Designing, Hubei Art Academy 2002, Master in Oil Painting, Hubei Art Academy 2003, Vice Professor, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications International Award Art Revolution Taipei 2012, International Art Competition, Chairman's Award Solo Exhibitions 2015 Yang Gallery, Beijing 2012 Art Revolution Taipei 2008 Must Be Contemporary Art Center,798 International Art Area, Beijing 2007 Top Red Art Gallery,798 International Art Area, Beijing Group Exhibitions 2015 3th “V Period” Young Contemporary Art Exhibition, Arttrees Museum, Beijing 2015 Independent Venice Biennale, Italy 2015 Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei 2015 The Humanity For Beauty--The Source Of New Century Culture Art Exhibition, Beijing Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing 2015 Da Di Yuan Chuang Art Center, Beijing 2014 Exhibition for Nominated Young Artist in Asia (2014-2015), Beijing 798 Art Factory, Beijing 2014 China Art Industry Expo 2014, Beijing 2014 The First Sunshine International Art Museum Small-sized Creative Artwork Exhibition, Beijing 2013 Italy Ferrari One Hundred Nights Art Show, Beijing 2013 The first Qu Yuan "Nine Songs . Fairy" theme art exhibition,China century altar, Beijing 2013 De Yi home living art space, Beijing 2012 2012 798 Art Festival, Beijing