Michael Powell by Isaacs Art Center



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For many years, Michael Powell worked as a marketing officer and corporate trainer who visited Hawaii regularly on business. One night in his Waikiki hotel, he awoke and went out on the lanai overlooking Diamond Head. There, he had what he later understood was a moment of expanded consciousness.
“Your mind opens like a flower and you comprehend more and more until you feel as though you understand the rhythm of time itself.  Everything that is happening is perfect. Birth, death, happiness, sorrow, the movement of the tide, everything is happening in perfect order. Just when I got to the moment when I felt that I could almost comprehend infinity, my mind started to close, like a flower closing at the end of the day. I tried to hold the flower open, but could not, and I was slowly, gently returned to who I was. Yet I had this profound experience.”
A few days later Powell called on Hiroshi Tagami. Tagami looked at him and said, “It seems to me that you have recently had a moment of expanded consciousness.”  Michael explained what had happened and was puzzled as to how Hiroshi could he have known. “He was the only person I had ever met who shared my sensitivity to things. We became friends on a level that one would never expect - a real meeting of spirit and mind,” says Powell.