Stephen Day by Sorrel Sky Gallery



  • City:

    Green Valley

  • State/Province:AZ
  • Country:U.S.A.
  • City:Green Valley
  • State/Province:AZ
  • Country:U.S.A.

“I paint almost exclusively from life trying to capture the feeling and the mood of the subject before me. This work philosophy forces me to paint quickly to get a spontaneous and fresh response, because everything around us (including ourselves) is in a constant state of change.” –Stephen Day
Working primarily in oils, Stephen Day is a full-time artist living in the Southwest, where he is renowned for his plein air paintings of the local landscape. Painting the beauty of his natural environment is Day’s ‘first love,’ and he frequently paints on location using the smaller works as studies for larger paintings completed in the studio. Born in Wyoming, Day has lived in some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the West including Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Durango and Aspen, Colorado. When he discovered painting, he found a vehicle to express the unique variety and intense beauty of the land that has surrounded him during his lifetime.
Day, who has long been represented by Sorrel Sky Gallery, is academically trained, having earned both a B.A. and a Masters’ degree. In addition, he studied at the Art Students League of Denver and the Loveland Academy of Fine Art in Colorado.