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Brian Porter, Graffiti artist, tattoo artist, street artist, pop artist: call him what you like, Brian is not sitting around waiting to find out. He has been a man on a mission since he was left unable to draw due to a horrendous industrial accident.

Brian had spent 15 years as a graffiti artist in Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo as well as other parts of Japan and Indonesia. His work as a “graffiti writer” got him invited to Warner Brothers Watchman graffiti contest in Toronto to compete and promote street art as an art form. Brian won this competition.

Since being encouraged by Brights Gallery, Brian has taken up the brush with a fierce determination to paint again and in the process has moved his work from wall to canvas (although there is a certain lust in his eyes when he surveys the blank walls of any old building). What emerged are large bold canvasses depicting pop cultural icons vividly silhouetted against an abstracted backdrop.

Brian’s work has the immediacy of street art with the speed and energy of working late at night and avoiding the police. Brian’s work can now be found in galleries in the US and Canada. Currently (2013) he has a private showing at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah by request of the organizers.