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Dominik Modlinski immigrated to Canada at the age of 16, at which point he studied painting and drawing at the Ontario College of Art. While studying landscape painting, he was naturally drawn to the wilderness of Northern Ontario.

In the summer of 1993, he moved to Algoma to paint at the Algoma School of Landscape Arts. This location provided unlimited access to the wilderness and a greater understanding of the Group of Seven’s involvement with the land.

Dominik Modlinski’s numerous wilderness expeditions have encompassed his physical experience of the land and sense of adventure, which in turn has inspired his work. He has done several trips across the Rockies.

Artistically, the majestic mountains of Kluane National Park are as much of an inspiration to Dominik as the landscape of Algoma and Lake Superior country.

“I hope that my paintings transcend all borders and cultures because they speak of the Earth, which is home to everyone. My work is simply a reflection of what I love to do most; to be able to live on the land, to better my creative vision through art, to bring people joy and understanding of the environment.”