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Michael Foers has the ability to capture depth in his paintings with much the same ease that he captures the play of light and shadow.

His works, inspired by nature and the effects of light on organic forms, reside in the realm between realism and the abstract. The bold use of colour highlights a sense of depth in his paintings and distinguishes his work from that of other artists.

Michael Foers spent many of his formative years working in the forests of the Canadian North. Always sketching in his spare time, he picked up a paintbrush one rainy day and discovered a passion that would change the rest of his life.

Now after many years of painting, Michael’s artistic approach revolves around the limits of reality and colour while keeping a fresh and spontaneous feel to his paintings.

“I bring energy and life into a painting to reflect the energy and life in the natural world.” Michael Foers works are collected by both private and corporate collections throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.