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Humberto’s work has been honoured by the Académie International des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1956 to painter Silvia Araya and Jorge Pinochet, rodeo champion and farmer, Humberto grew up in the quiet surroundings of country life on a magnificent ranch in Linares, also known to be a gathering place for Chilean intellectuals and artists.

Humberto’s penchant for the arts expressed itself very early in life. In grade school and high school, he excelled in the arts, winning numerous diplomas and painting contests. In 1974 – 1975, he abandoned the Fine Arts program at Valparaiso’s Catholic University, preferring architecture followed by graphic design in 1976 – 1977. Throughout his university years, Humberto developed his own language of expression – drawing. From that point on, all ideas flew forth from his pencil tip.

In 1975, Humberto set out to discover Southern Chile and Argentina (Patagonia), where he initiated himself into photography. In September 1977, he left Chile for Canada, once again reorienting his destiny. This time he enrolled in Visual Arts at Quebec’s Laval University, graduating in 1980.

After a trip to New York in 1978, Humberto landed his first major photo exhibit in Quebec: "New York 86 Hours". In 1979 he toured Europe, visiting top museums and art galleries. At Stockholm’s Museum of Contemporary Art, he took part in an international forum debating new tendencies, including conferences at the Venice Biennale and at Barcelona’s International Photography Centre. To help cover some of his travel expenses, Humberto sketched portraits in charcoal on the streets of Paris and Barcelona.

In December 2007 Humberto’s received a “Prix Spécial” from the Société Nationale Des Beaux-Arts for his work exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris France. In 2010, the Art Festival of Mascouche will be honoring Humberto’s career, and contribution to the culture of Charlevoix as well as, the Festival. This year during the Festival, he will have a solo exhibition. Humberto has been invited to international Art Festivals in Dordogne - France, Barcelona & Tunisia.