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Joe graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1995 with a specialization in Illustration from the Commercial Design Department. Upon graduation, he began freelancing as an illustrator and also, painting a variety of imagery.

The images he chose ranged from portraiture to cityscape and landscape. Joe taught at a performing and visual arts school. While there, he also began to show his work at art shows, and galleries.

At present, Joe’s work is comprised of illustrative painting and a variety of scenic imagery, however, landscape and waterscapes have been captivating his time. “I believe that a strong background in drawing and painting a variety of subject matter has enabled me to become a well-rounded artist.” Joe constantly challenges himself to explore a variety of subjects, techniques, and compositions.

Joe’s ultimate goal is to capture a moment in time, and holding it forever. “A dynamic composition, and an understanding of colour, light, and shadow allow a feeling of mood to come across to viewers of my work.”