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Growing up in Northern California Steve filtered anything traumatic into his drawing or creativity, making things he could escape into. Later, Steve was inspired by all the freedom of discovery during the cultural revolutions of the sixty and seventies. Having lived in Hollywood, to San Francisco – where he was a member of The San Francisco Artist Guild – and then to SOHO (New York City), Steve’s work has been a reflection of his experiences, surroundings and of the advice from the many highly revered artists Steve has studied with.

After attending the School of Visual Art in New York City, Steve went out to Denver and graduated from the Art Institute. He studied printing at the Kala Institute at Berkeley, California and would exhibit in small galleries, museums and restaurants whenever he could and also began working in film. Eventually, Steve was led into painting all his canvases with a bright red background. He started this as a solution to achieve an atmospheric condition in the sky. After a while, he began to increase the temperature to a bright red. This raucous red excited him as he began to paint the cool landscapes. The blues and greens of normal landscapes became alive. The cool colors took on a whole new presence.

The eye would begin to "FLASH" as the aperture of the iris would contract or dilate on the cool or hot color. Now Steve lives and works in Colorado, teaching art at Foothills Art Center and other local cultural centers. Also, he is studying at the Arts Student League of Denver and his work hangs in some of the most famous locations in the world.